Facebook, twitter, youtube or link-in ,these social-medias do not exist in China because of the censorship. Chinese people are using different social media like renren, weibo or kaixin. Because of the different culture, they have a different way of using social medias weither it's used by online users or companies.


The world's largest demography is also the world's largest social-media market. It's vastly different from its counterpart in the west but there are some similar aspects. Social-media is a larger phenomenon in the world’s second-biggest economy than in other countries, including the United States. But why is it not exactly used the same as in the western countries?

1. Surveying the scene

-the world's biggest internet user base -world's most active environment for social media -chinese companies have social medias more advanced tan in western countries -A growth of social medias is difficult because of the censorship established by the government

2. Particularities of chinese social-medias

-Social media targets a Socio-professional group of people, depending on the age, family situation etc..
-Given the active censorship in China, Social Medias are very influenced by the Chinese culture.
-Young people are very active on social Medias.
-Social medias develop themselves more and more, and the government has difficulties to have them under control

3. Consumers and social media

- Multiple accounts
- 100 millions mobiles social users
- Users value the advices of opinion leaders
-A real opportunity for marketers

4. How companies are using social media

-A window to show their products
-they are using artificial writers
-A problem for users to distinguish the right from the fake

5. Crafting a winning strategy

- Chinese brands use essentially social medias efforts to support their goals!
- Making content authentic and entertaining to attract more internet users
- Marketing team constantly adapting content and learn from the users reactions
- Ingredients of success in marketing action are pretty similar but different because of the particular context in china with a big government power.


Companies are taking adventages of social-media and are using them as a tool for their strategy.
Chinese inhabitants are strongly influenced by social medias, which impact heavily on their consumption.
China is a politicly a communist country and informations are censored by the government. We can wonder where social medias will stop their explosive growth and if they will ever change the policy about censorship on social medias.


Exemples of Chinese social media (1: renren, 2: sina weibo)