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“A social network is a social structure made up of a set of actors (such as individuals or organizations) and the dyadic ties between these actors”

We chose to tackle the relationship between social networks and dailylife around the world. It’s not just young people using social networking anymore, it’s everyone. The press review read deals with many topics, but we decided to focus on how people live through networking.
Thanks to polls or surveys and interviews we decided to give you example of this concept. As a result, social networks are present in lives 15 to more than 55 years old


Today’s generation of teenagers and young adults age represent a new breed of Internet users.
Analysis of the communication habits of these users offer a clue as to what the future might look like in terms of how we communicate. 15-24 year olds saw the largest decline in their use of Instant Messengers and Email, they also saw the biggest increase in average time spent on Social Networking.


People from 34 to 55 years old :

  • People from 34 to 55 years old :

    In the United States, 25% of the social networks users are aged from 35 to 44, they represent the second category that is the most «connected» to social networks. 20% of this age category are members of Facebook and 23% are members of Twitter.
    About the category of people from 45 to 54 in the United States, 19% of them use social networks : 33% are registered on Facebook and 22% are members of Twitter.
    People from 34 to 55 are the biggest users of social networks and represent 25% of the total audience of social networks.

More than 55 years old :

  • « Social networking reaches in older segments to the point where it’s now quite similar across age groups. In fact, users of 55 years and the older represent the fastest growing segment in social networking usage.
  • In France, 30% of the internet users are part of this category and 68% of those from 55 to 64 are regular users. A nickname was even found to name this category if Internet users : they are called the «Silver Surfers». Nowadays in France about 2.4 billions of seniors are members of Facebook and 520 000 of them use Twitter. For both Facebook and Twitter, senior people represent 10% of the total number of members.
  • If more and more seniors use social networks today, it’s mainly in order to keep a regular contact with their grand children who are part of this generation called «digital native». »

Results :

    • « Social networks are used in every country of the world, like the United States, the Philippines and Russia. However the audience ratings vary from a country to another. In the United States for instance, 188.2 billions of people aged of 15 and more are social networks users when in Philippines only 5.5 billions are. In Russia, the young users of 15 years old are 45.6 billions.
    • We are all in permanent communication with each other, connected online to our computers. »

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