Nowadays, the m-mobile is unmissable in a marketing campaign.
There are a few different approaches to mobile marketing that you can take :
  • The most common is via SMS. This is really just sending text messages to people's mobile phones and in a lot of ways is like email marketing.
  • The other common way to advertise to people via mobile marketing is to place ads on their web browser or on their applications and games. And this is the part we will develop in our synthesis.

  2. Before starting with all the statistics, we need to define what is a mobinaute. A mobinaute is a person who used during the last months a multimedia action with his smartphones / tablets.

    Nowadays 88% of the french people use a mobile, and the percent of people owning a smartphone grows every day, it is today 40% of the users. The reason of that success is due to the multipurpose offers by a smartphone and to his price who is going less and less expensive.

    For 90% of people, smartphones make life much more easier, it is also for 70% of people a great tools for exchanges !

    Moreover 91% of the mobinautes are surfing on internet with their smartphones. This represents 31 billions of web pages per day and 5 hours 48 minutes on web mobile site.

  4. What is the branding ?:

    A recent analys from the MillwardBrown US database shown the efficacy of advertising campains on mobile. It appears that the branding is the most effective advertising on mobile.
    Branding on mobile got specificities and advantages:

    • The sceen size push the creator to be concentred on the comprehension and the clarity of the message. The impact is thus bigger.
    • The users can be easely listed and targeted.

    To sum up, the avertising campaign on mobile is a real opportunity for the brand, with a strong advantage for those who will adapt their marketing policy on the mobile specificity.

    For the promotion of the new KIA RIO, the brand created a campaign on tablet. it permits to the customers to discover the car thought the web site linked with the tablet spot.

  5. LEADS GENERATION: Monoprix case study
  6. Lead generation is a marketing term used, often in Internet marketing, to describe the generation of consumer interest or inquiry into products or services of a business.

    Monoprix created an application to permit to the customers to do their shopping online, enywhere at anytime and to be delivered at home.

    The application completed the objectives of the brand in one month, and made 6% of the electronic turnover in 2 months. It prooves that the M-marleting is one of the new major developpement of the mobile.

  7. APPLICATION DOWNLOADING: Lancôme case study
  8. In 2011 for the new fragrance Midnight Rose launch, Lancôme developed a diversified advertising digital strategy targeting women from the 20-30age range . Lancôme invited the target to appropriate the brand codes by using two mobile applications.

  10. Interview with Aude Perdriel-Vaissière

    The m-marketing is the new phenomenon of this last 3 years, today every big actors in the market have developed their own application on smartphone. The m-marketing is thus trustable ! Moreover it appears that the m-marketing is a real plus in the turnover !

    Smartphones as the future way of payment ! It is already possible to pay with a smartphone online but it is in shops too ! The Japan as a precursory of this new phenomenon

    Geographic positioning system and mobile couponing.

    For the application of the m-marketing, there is two main tools:

    • Geolocation is often use to understand the customers actions
    • Couponing on mobile ( GR codes )


    The mobile's bubble is booming and it is not without reminding us the fabulous development of internet. For companies, the m-marketing allows to develop their notoriety, to manage after-sales services, to federate employees and customers. The m-marketing is a real tool in marketing strategies and as the smartphone is the mobile of tomorrow, companies have to adapt their strategies to this new platform.


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