1. Gain Subscribers

A recent report documented that 66% of consumers made a purchase after receiving an email. Therefore the companies are doing well in increasing their number of subscribers.

  • Recognize your most important customer touchpoints (store, media,...) and give the possibility to opt-in to your email communications
  • Test a few different opt-in techniques
  • Get social (ex. Facebook: users can agree on your profile to receive the latest emails)
  • Go mobile (attract customers via text message)

2. Improve Deliverability

A high deliverability rate constitutes one of the essential factors for success to create revenue.

  • Tackle the problem of being blacklisted
  • Use the same and consistent name to accustom your prospects
  • Opt for serious reference lines and avoid exclamations points
  • Diminish the risk of getting a negative score in your email provider’s database

3. Design for clicks

  • Website must be structured clearly
  • Design a version for mobiles to maximize subscriber response
  • Put the most important information in the upper left quadrant
  • Position logo and contact details on top
  • Avoid putting the most important messages in images, use HTML text instead

4. Drive Engagement

The following steps can increase engagement:
  • Integrating email marketing and CRM systems
  • All data known about the subscribers should be used
  • Run tests to discover what resonates

5. Automation

A useful device to focus on strategy and optimize interactive marketing programs, thus maximize the profitability of your company consists in automation.
In the context of email-Marketing, one can make out several processes suitable to it, such as:

  • Welcome emails (include "call-to-action"-button, Facebook / Twitter icons)
  • Advertisement for side products and related services
  • Online surveys (automated targeted emails)
  • Customer-feedback-service
If you adhere to these proceedings, email marketing can be one of the most effective marketing tools at your disposal.