Web’s different supports:

Welcome to the new world 2.0, where your new job will be responsive web designer

We won't too fast, here we will explain you what it is step by step

Responsive web design: a new way to design the navigation on internet

Indeed with the new technologies, web designers only have to find a common interface to navigate. The web design’s mind is to reach a standardization of the web and an industrialization of the market by using flexibility together with confines. People wants to surf on the web whenever they want and wherever they are thanks to a wide range of processing tools. Nowadays, we are trying to find some ways to go through the barrier that flexibility brings to the Web.

Web’s confines:


•Different computers with different configurations (PC vs Mac)

•Posting preferences of users

If you want to create your website with efficiency and interactivity; you have to respect 3 points:

•The page layout table

•Pictures, videos, colors… everything which create interactivity


John Alsop : “When I say flexibility I think adaptability. Everything about web design can be summarized as: make pages which are adaptable and accessible”.

For further information watch this video !!

Well, to conclude,we could say that the challenge is here to succeed by using web’s flexibility and creating standard’s technologies in order to being read or seen by each of the different users groups.

So what about you? Are you ready to surf on a smaller screen?






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